Concise information on forks in the Arionum blockchain.

Block 10800 (Resistance)

Official Announcement

Changes the mining algorithm to use new values that make the coin more resistant to GPU mining.

Changes the maximum transaction fee to 10 ARO.

The new values for mining are:

  • Threads: 1
  • Memory: 524288
  • Time: 1

Block 80000 (Renaissance)

Official Announcement

Implements the address alias system.

Updates to a hybrid mining system where 1 block each is rewarded to CPU miners, GPU miners and masternode staking.

Implements masternodes which win blocks based on a Proof of Stake (PoS) system and will be used for project governance.

Block 80460 (CPU and GPU Reward Split)

No official announcement.

Change to only CPU and GPU mining.

Masternodes now receive 33% of all blocks.

Block 80500 (GPU Fix)

No official announcement.

Gives block to GPU miners if block is taking too long.

Block 126215 (Recovery)

Official Announcement

Emergency hard fork to remove compromised masternodes and send stolen coins to a safe wallet (4kWXV4HMuogUcjZBEzm...).

Fixes 2 additional broken wallets.

Block 216000 (Assets)

Official Announcement

Implements an emission cut, cold stacking, blockchain voting, and masternode blacklist voting.

It also activates the asset system.