To do

  • Create an iOS wallet
  • Add an assets system
  • Create a payment processor
  • Create a directory of sites accepting ARO


  • Create a block explorer (link)
  • Create mining pool software (link)
  • Create a Windows PHP bundle
  • Create a Windows GUI wallet (link)
  • Create an escrow system (link)
  • Create a Windows GUI miner (link)
  • Create a full node API (link)
  • Create a blockchain-based raffle (link)
  • Create a Bitcoin-like JSON-RPC API (for easier integration by exchanges) (link)
  • Add Arionum to exchanges (link)
  • Create an Android wallet (link)
  • Create a web wallet (link)
  • Create an alias system (link)
  • Add support for masternodes (link)
  • Create a Linux GUI wallet (link)
  • Create a Mac GUI wallet (link)