General Information

Arionum is an original coin which has 2 different mining rounds which alternate: a CPU round and a GPU round.

The names for these rounds are misleading as both rounds can be mined with either GPU or CPU. CPUs and GPUs can mine on both of the rounds.

Hashrates will be very different on each round. In general you will have a much better hash rate in the GPU round than the CPU round due to the difficulty.

Across the ARO network, GPU round hash rate is about 8 to 10 times higher than the CPU round hash rate. Therefore, it is worth utilising the CPU round performance as hash rates there are lower.

To maximise your mining rewards, it is important to have good hash rates in both the GPU and CPU rounds. All available mining software will allow you to mine on both the CPU round and the GPU round, but not all of them will allow you to mine with both your GPU and CPU.

Check the list below below for available mining software.


A list of available miners for Arionum.

CPU Miners

GPU Miners

Mixed Miners